Thursday, October 15, 2009

today. hari ini. bukan semalam.

today afif seem to laugh a lot than usual. i wonder what makes him so happy. but it made me laugh too. haha awet muda la sejak ada afif tok. i seem to smile & laugh a lot as well since afif is around. he eats a lot hehe so now nya dah gemuk... so momok. i love him so much. ermmm ok... actually dont really have any idea on what to write yet so i'll just write what i know now. i feel that writing something about afif is interesting & is never boring. something like an online diary maybe, for him to ponder one day, when he grows up & dah pandai membaca. that would be great. so that he knows what an angel he is to me & to this family. love u little buddy! dont grow up so fast. hehe mek org agik mok cimeng2 nya...

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